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SOLUTIONS - Why Backup?

1. Why Backup: How much do you value your data?
A. If you lost your files today, could you continue to work or could your company continue to run effectively?
B. Did you know most companies who provide you with digital music, photos and software purchased will not replace if lost. You can spend $1000's on this type of media, only to find that once lost, it's gone...
C. Anyone who has lost a word, excel or other form of document knows how annoying this can be. When you multiply that by potentially hundreds or thousands of documents this could cost you time and money - even cripple your business. Being able to backup offsite and have the files ready when you need them provides the best way to minimise your data loss and potentially $ loss.

2. Some obvious benefits of online Backup...
A. Backing up your data, is like insurance, the time you lose your data, is the time you really need it!. Would
you not insure your house, business or car?.
B. The cost is less than the cost of a pizza or couple of DVD's a week!
C. No tapes, CDs or DVD's to worry about. Backup is completely automated (after setup), you get an email to tell you when its done!


In this day and age we all know how important the information or data is that we keep for our business and ourselves. Take a look at some scenarios showing how easy it is for information or data to be lost.

A senior manager who is on his way to present to the board leaves his laptop at LA airport, never to be seen again. No backups were kept of the emails, data or files on that machine. It took months to get a small amount of his data back from various emails he had sent to clients over the last 12-24 months, not to mention the presentation he was working on for the trip also lost.

A student studying for his final exams had all of his work and study notes on a laptop. The hard drive failed and no data could be recovered for less than $1800 (physical Hard Drive recovery). His HSC was about to begin, no backups, no data....

A medium sized business has files saved on local machines, a file server and a network storage device. These systems contain key financial and marketing information for the business. A fire sweeps through the building and destroys all paper files and computer systems. In some cases you may be able to save this data from disks, but the water used in trying to put out the fire completely ruins any chance of data recovery.

Think of all the digital photos and music that you may have on your computer, but have no backup, just like the photos on your walls or CDs in your cabinet these will also be destroyed.

If you have a fire/theft at home, can these irreplaceable memories and documents be replaced easily?

These scenarios may not have been able to be avoided, but the end result could have been very different.

If the individuals and companies in these scenarios were using DSG Online all of their data could have been retrieved immediately.

Scenario Solution

By setting up a spare machine or a temporary office (anywhere) and restoring the data from online backup. You would immediately have the data that is current as your last backup prior to the system loss, hard drive failure or fire. Minimal downtime, minimal loss.