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For businesses and individuals requiring IT services, it's hard to find quality and reliable IT support at an affordable price.

Data Safeguard started out as an IT support service and has built itself into an affordable and high quality support business, particularly for small, medium business and at home users.

Within most business environments you can phone or send an email to receive IT support We want to provide this also in your homes. With the aid of remote control we can assist you wherever you are*, no boundaries.

Service and Support
Provide Service and Support for PC's, Laptops, Servers or Networks including providing proactive and insightful solutions to improve your IT environment. The following are just a few solutions we may be able to help you with:

  • New/Upgrade Servers, Routers, Switches, PCs, Laptops
  • New software Windows 2003 Server, Exchange, Virtual Server, XP, Antivirus, Firewalls
    -Microsoft-Virtual Server 2005 -
  • Firewall or Virus assistance, Security Detection & Intrusion
  • Wired Networks/ Wireless Networks/ Virtual Networks / VPNs
  • Support Desk Online
  • System failure/crash diagnosis
  • Managed Exchange email accounts
  • Hosting & Build your own website
  • Domino / Lotus Notes Administration & Development
  • CRM and Web based application solutions
  • Web Design & Graphic Design

IT Advice and Consultation
Going above and beyond common IT solutions that maybe required within your business or at home, DSG provides a variety of other services related to IT/Electronic environments.
Purchasing IT/Electronic equipment can be confusing, time consuming and expensive. We can guide you on the best design and pricing for any situation.

  • General business equipment - Cameras, PCs, Routers, Broadband Plans, MP3 Players, Flat Screens.
  • Audio/Video environments design & build (boardrooms, home theatre projectors/screens)
  • Server & Network Monitoring
  • Media PC builds
  • Application training
  • Hotspot Installs (cafes, hotels etc)
  • Podcasting Services
    - Podcasting is the method of distributing multimedia files, such as audio programs or music videos for playback on mobile devices and computers via the internet

    If what you require is not listed here, contact us on 1300 364 674 for more.

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