DSG Vs Tapes?

Tape Backup vs Data Safeguard Online Backup


Backup by Tape Machine DSG Managed Backup Service - First Month FREE
$1500 to start - $60-$80 per TAPE + plus transport and storage costs at a tape library. No data restoration costs. Sarting at $20 a month.
Tape backups need daily intervention by employees. DSG automatically backs up new and changed files daily.
Tape backups must be checked to be sure data can be restored from them. DSG keeps 2 copies of your data. A email is sent to you when the backup is complete.
Tape backups must be removed from the premises to a secure location. DSG automatically secures your data to a Tier one data facility.
Tapes decay over time. DSG secures data to RAID mirrored disk servers
(fail over disk system)
The right tape needs to be found and delivered from the tape library for restoration. DSG allows automatic & immediate restoration over any Internet connection.
Restoring data from tapes recorded on old equipment cannot be used in new equipment for restoration. Backup data is available 24 x 7 over any Internet connection.
Tape equipment can break down at any time without recourse. DSG is a fully managed backup service including ongoing support by development / support technicians